January 24, 2018 Jay Tan
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Usher in the coming Lunar New Year and look stylishly modern in the new Qipao Collection from Blum, while keeping traditions anew.

Inspired by the rich cultures and heritage of Asia, the collection features 60 styles of the traditional cheongsam, a popular Chinese New Year attire, designed in special prints with unique embellishments, influenced by four main themes.

Korean hanbok – inspired by the shape, the overlapping collar detail and the empire cut of the traditional hanbok, Blum’s qipao is no longer just a fitted silhouette. The vibrant colours of Spring are mixed and matched on different fabrics with a shortened dress length and a lighter skirt for the hanbok-inspired BLREE qipao.

Chinese coins – essential in the practice of Feng Shui, they are the ultimate symbol of wealth, prosperity and luck. The 3 Chinese coins made from bronze, are tied together with a red ribbon to empower its energy. Each Chinese coin has two sides with specific meanings – the Yang/active side with four characters and the other Yin/receptive side with two characters. The circle of the round coin represents heaven while the hollow square represents earth. By incorporating these auspicious coins into a special print, Blum hopes that all their customers are blessed with an abundance of wealth and good fortune in the Year of the Dog.

Flowers/white orchids – inspired by flowers (a favourite of everyone) as well as our national flower, white orchids express innocence, beauty and elegance. Blum designed the white orchid brooch as a fastener on the collar and white orchid buttons, a detail to represent our Singapore identity.

Peranakan culture – a special print featuring the rich spectrum of heritage from colourful embroideries and laces to familiar symbols motifs such as tiles, peonies and cranes.

New Year, new look, new you – find your favourite cheongsam amongst the 60-styles collection and instantly update your wardrobe during your festive celebrations and visits.

The Blum Chinese New Year 2018 Qipao Collection is available now at our six retail stores with a price range from $259 to $389:

#01-08 Income @ Raffles (formerly Hitachi Tower), Tel: 6533 0680

#02-12/13 Raffles City, Tel: 6333 0657

#02-65/66 Parkway Parade, Tel: 6348 8147

#01-01 100 AM (Amara Hotel), Tel: 6543 6500

#01-65 The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands, Tel: 6225 5924

#01-16 Thomson Plaza, Tel: 6451 2886

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