Blumix by Blum Launches The Minimalistic Millennial Collection

Blumix by Blum Launches The Minimalistic Millennial Collection
August 15, 2018 Samantha Seah
In The Impressionist

What pops into your mind when you hear “minimalist fashion”? Most would probably say, “having a few staple pieces for everyday wear.” And they’re right. But there’s more to that because even a simple white tee can differ on its appearance depending on its cut and what goes with it. More importantly, the individual who adopts a minimalist outlook is not someone who’s obsessed with the latest fashion trends. Rather, they make their own “rules” of putting together the classics of what pretty much always works.

Blumix by Blum Launches The Minimalistic Millennial Collection – sometimes, less is indeed more and even the simplest outfits can make more of an entrance than the bold ones.

Lightweight Casual Blouse $59

You caught us. We just can’t say no to the timeless white top that needs to be worn over and over again. With countless ways to dress this baby up; from denim jeans to a pencil skirt – this one’s a keeper.

Bohemian Stitched Summer Blouse $69 (available in Black & White)

Elevate the usual plain blouse with a hint of contrast and playful intricacy to kickstart the day.

Embroidered Long Sleeve Trendy Top $69

Take this adorable top to the next level of fun with a high waist shorts or skirt, tucked in.

Striped Texture Contemporary Top $69

When it comes to minimalistic fashion, it doesn’t always mean one solid colour. We like to take it up a notch with our Striped Texture Contemporary Top, also available in yellow, yet ensuring it still carries the “less is more” spirit that never goes away.

Striped V-Neck A-Line Dress $109

“Pretty” is clearly an understatement for this dress.

Contrast Ruffle Work Dress $129

Say hello to your new staple work dress that gives off a feminine boost with its flowy hemline.

Shop the whole collection here.

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