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Established since 1992, Blum & Co is best known for our flagship brand BLUM, an exclusive middle-upper label made for professional women. An admired brand, BLUM regularly dresses industry leaders and media personalities at Mediacorp – a leading regional broadcaster and media owner.

Our philosophy is best told through our collections. Starting only with quality fabrics from Korea, Japan and Europe, each cut and trim is finished faithfully to our exacting standards with Asian proportions in mind. Every BLUM piece is a well-made professional statement inspired culturally with a confident femininity.

Beyond a label, we believe our business touches hearts and know that our deeds can influence positive change in this world. BLUM is a beacon for kindness, sincerity and creativity shared with our fellow partners and friends striving together.

Blum is the language of strength and beauty. An elegant way of living that begins from within, unfolding delicately its splendor.

Meticulously crafted for the modern Asian woman, each BLUM piece embodies the brand’s signature touch of harmonising classic tailoring with contemporary styling; appropriate for all the roles she plays in life, for all the defining experiences she will find. BLUM is unmistakably feminine, always refreshingly easy to wear.

Because for the BLUM woman, it is more than what she wears. It is a story she tells. A statement of her dedication, unique sensibilities, a beautiful faithful expression of who she is and can be.

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