Quick Hacks: Shopping for Clothes When You’re on a Budget

Quick Hacks: Shopping for Clothes When You’re on a Budget
December 11, 2018 Samantha Seah
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There comes a time when we can’t be recklessly spending our money – for better or worse. To put it in better terms, we can’t be spending money we don’t have. If you’re reading this, you probably want to get better value and savings out of your shopping experience. You’re on the right page because that’s the sole purpose of this article. Keep reading!

Shop for the Life You Have Now, Not the Life You Desire


Only when you accept reality, can you face reality, don’t you agree? Yes, we are feeling a tad’ bit philosophical today. We believe it’s absolutely okay to spurge on an expensive piece of clothing you can afford and has been “living” in your Wishlist, practically begging for you to bring it home. However, let’s learn to look at the bigger picture, shall we? If you’re picking up a $400 coat and browsing it at the store, visualising how you’d look (while your conscience hits because you’re on a budget), gently put that piece down – calmly. The truth is shopping for the life you desire or to please others, is the fastest way to go broke and be unhappy. What’s more, you’re probably getting things you don’t need. As the habit develops, it may even result in impulse buying.

Why Haven’t You Tailor Your Clothes to Fit You?


Surrpisingly (or not), many people don’t do this! This is probably the best advice we can give you, and that is to tailor your clothes to fit your body shape. What we mean is, why don’t you want clothes that fit you perfectly? Tailored clothes are an excellent choice, especially when you are on a budget, because it’s a chance to relook into your closet and mend those adorable pieces into perfection! Yes, they do cost money too – but it’s money worth spending when you can have form-fitting pieces within your reach every day! When you are comfortable and satisfied with your closet, you won’t find yourself filling it more with unnecessary clothes.

Here’s a quick tip: if you find pieces that are within or below your budget but are a size or two smaller or bigger – alter them to your needs and there you have it – a closet full of items that are perfectly fitted for you.

Did you know every purchase with Blum & Co comes with a free alteration service from our tailor masters? Fret not, we also provide alteration service to non-Blum products. View our affordable rates here.

Take Good Care of Your Clothes


Why wouldn’t you take good care of your clothes that you spent good money on? Clothes get worn out and sometimes, due to our carelessness, we mixed them with colours we aren’t supposed to. It gets frustrating. But when there’s a will, there’s a way. Caring for your clothes is much simpler than you think. You hang your clothes without overstuffing your closet. You place jackets and sweaters in vacuum storage bags with mothballs. And you iron and fold them neatly instead of leaving it there and watching it pile up for weeks. One thing you should never overlook is the laundry care symbols, by following them, you can preserve and extend the life of your clothes for a much longer time.

Be on Good Terms with the Salespeople


This should happen naturally and not because you have a motive in wanting to get exclusive discounts from someone! Getting to know someone and pushing yourself to know someone are two different things. People will reciprocate when they sense your sincerity. And salespeople tend to have an eye for it. They appreciate customers who adore the brand and will do their utmost best to retain them as loyal customers by rewarding them.

When you often shop the same brand, you’ll see familiar faces and overtime, you get to know each other. Get acquainted with the salesperson you feel comfortable with the customer service he or she provides. Perks of being on good terms with the salespeople is you get the inside scoop of an upcoming sale or if you see an item you like, you can make special request such as reserving it for you if a sale is only two days away!

Quality over Quantity


Quality. Quality. Quality. We wish someone would knock some sense out of us whenever we chose quantity and cheap that doesn’t last and aren’t worth the value of our money. What we learn from such repeated shoppers’ mistake is spending more for higher quality products is the way to go. You’re better off shopping from reputable brands with guaranteed quality and well-made products.

So, with all this talk about buying quality clothing – how do you identify “quality”?

Well, we’re no experts either. But we know a thing or two that anyone can utilise immediately on their next shopping trip. One of the things all of us do is to touch the material of the cloth. It should matter to us the type of material we’re wearing. We don’t want to feel uncomfortable throughout the day, or worse, develop a rash due to sensitive skin.

We recommend avoiding polyester and choose clothing made of linen, wool, or cotton materials. You might be aware that cotton isn’t as durable as polyester. However, with proper care, it’s possible to prolong it. Next, we should take a closer look at the stitching. You don’t want visible poor stitching on your clothes or loose strings hanging all over.

Blum & Co uses only quality fabrics from Korea, Japan and Europe, each cut and trim is finished faithfully to our exacting standards with Asian proportions in mind. Shop our new arrivals here.

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