Top Fashion Tips to help save time when you are in a rush!

Top Fashion Tips to help save time when you are in a rush!
August 26, 2020 bnco-kit
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Top Fashion Tips to help save you time while in a rush

Between balancing career, family, and finding time for ourselves, stepping out of your house with styles every day can seem impossible and like a challenge – but it’s not!



Step 1 – Plan it out!

Plan your outfit the night before you are leaving for work! Make way for stress-free-mornings and out-regret-free-days!

Step 2 – Look out for stylish inspirations online!

Look out for your favourite styles through Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest! Discover fashionistas whose style inspires you, then use their photos as inspiration to help plan your outfits!

Step 3 – Always accessorize!

Accessories give more importance to your personal style, taste and preferences. “Try to wear at least one accessory, whether it’s a statement necklace, a pop-colour bag or a great pair of earrings (or all of the above). A solid statement piece can take an ensemble from ho-hum to a stand-out in seconds.” —Stylist, Stephania S.

Step 4 – Stick to simple colours such as black, white and neutrals

Fashion neutrals are colours that can go with anything, and they’re essentials for building any woman’s wardrobe. Easier than it seems, finding out your perfect neutral tint and shade takes time and effort, as some look better than others with certain items. An easy way to build a wardrobe is to select one to three fashion neutral colours that you like and that look good on you and begin assembling some fashion basics in these neutral colours.









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